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Service of distant interior design online назад

Service of distant interior design online provides the opportunity to order design project anywhere in the world and at any time convenient to you. To do this you will not have to visit our office. All you need is some period of time.

Due to the unique author's design  method (created by our studio with using techniques of Italian masters) and our well-run practice with customers, we are able to follow precise tastes of the customer and create design closely matching your style.

In this example of interior design you can get a general idea of design project performing using online service:

1. Step 1

First of all, you need to send us the room plans of desired size and if you have any photos of rooms that you want to rearrange.

2. Step 2

You will have to describe your wishes, tell us what the style of your future interior should be like and select the pictures of interiors on our website that you like.

3. Step 3

Relying on your description of the style and  pattern pictures, we will select images from our unique library(imported from different countries and reflecting as the latest global trends in design, so the national color)that closely matches your style. By means of design  pictures, sceneries, landscapes and  keeping in touch with you, we will create a unique palette of colors and compositional solutions that you will appreciate as the  most comfortable and cozy ones.

For example:

  Decorating of a wall near a fireplace:

  Color of a floor: 

  Form of sofas: 

And other items of interior.

Once we find your personal style, we will sign a contract with you and move on to  functional zoning of rooms.

4. Step 4

To obtain this you will need to fill in a from mentioning about the placement of furniture and functional zoning of the rooms.

Based on a thorough analysis of your answers, we will develop plans of functional  destination of the rooms and the placement of furniture. After that you will have to approve one variant of an interior design  offered by our design studio.

5. Step 5

Then we prepare an offer including a general concept (if it is necessary we will send you an additional selection of every single room image). In addition we will select the furniture and décor.

6. Step 6

After your approval of a general concept we will proceed to working out  visualizations.

7. Step 7

After you agree with them, you will receive a set of working drawings for redevelopment.

8. Step 8

After approval of the project, if necessary, we will make up for you business offers from suppliers of building and finish materials, furniture, lighting and decoration.




Content of interior design project:

1. Creation of your idea and selection of your image

- Taking measurements and photographic images

- Form of the placement of furniture and functional zoning

- Redevelopment plan, arrangement of furniture and functional zoning

-. Selection of an image based on analogue images.

2. Visualization of rooms (2-3 variants for every  room)

3. Detailed documentation

- Totals

- Plan of taking measurements

- Plan of decorative plasterboard structures

- Specification of doors.

- Plan of suspended ceilings and its sections.

- Floor plan indicating material.

- Plan of placement of electrical equipment.

- Plan of  placement of lamps and switches.

- Sweep of walls.

4. Collecting set of materials

Copies of registration certificate of equipment, furniture catalogs (collecting set).

Selection of building materials (initial collecting set )

- selection of textures, colors and finishes

- selection of  parquet flooring and other flooring covers

- selection of tiles, bathroom equipment

- selection of doors

Selection of furniture, decor, decorative lighting, accessories, fabrics, carpets, etc.


If you have any questions please contact us:

+38 067 403 68 15

Fedorak Liudmila

e-mail: fedorak.lm @