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Interior design.

Stages of work performance:

1. Signing a contract.

2. Selection of image pictures.

3. Two variants of a furniture placement plan.

4. Adjustment of a furniture placement plan.

5. Matching image pictures.

6. Visualization of rooms.

7. Adjustments of visualization.

8. Approval of visualization.

9. Execution of a working documentation.

10. Collecting set of materials for the project.

11. Delivering over the project.

Content of the project:

1. Visualization.

2. Layout of taking measurements.

3. Dismantling plan.

4. Plan of decorative plasterboard structures.

5. Plan with placement of furniture, equipment and sanitary - technical devices. Specification of doors.

6. Plan of a ceiling and its separate sections.

7. Plan of a floor with indication of material.

8. Plan of placement of electrical equipment.

9. Plan of placement of  illuminating lamps and switches.

10. Sweep of walls of each room with indication of material.

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